It is definitely hard to keep some secrets but there are severe consequences for nannies who breach contracts as claimed by moms. When you are hired as a nanny, you probably imagine just taking caring of the children, perhaps some light housework.… Brit stars Sienna Miller and Jude Law were once one of the hottest celebrity couples in Hollywood, their romantic relationship dominating the pop culture conversation. Being a nanny in the Royal Family probably has the same type of rules that you would have if you worked with a celebrity. Dr. Phil- Exclusive Babysitting Service to the Show. Nannies of high profile celebrities do not have the permission to indulge in bad behavior both inside and outside of their workplace. According to Moms, they will not hire someone right from the first interview they conduct. If that parent would have earned $50,000 to $100,000 plus per year, that means your internal nanny service (i.e., the parent) is as extravagant an expense as an Upper West Side counterpart. Most celebrities have these rules when hiring because they really need to trust the new person they are inviting to their homes to take care of their children. While this one sounds a little extreme at first, it might not be when we stop to think about it, as The Talko shares. Madonna has quite a few rules for her children and it's no wonder that nannies are the ones who have to make sure they follow these rules. A nanny-to -the-stars has been deemed an essential worker and allowed through New Zealand's closed borders. This means the nanny is supposed to look like a friend or a member of their family. When her daughters were little, Kris Jenner was a horrible boss to her nannies. The guy had to do it and, perhaps, he didn't like it, but is it really the worst thing that could happen? Working for our favorite celebrity is a dream for many people but we often forget that this kind of job is actually quite intense and involves a lot of pressure. Kim Kardashian is known as the fashionista of the family and she wants her daughter North to follow suit and be the most glamorous girl around. The strictest one for this couple is to ensure that their children don't eat any sugar. Often the duties of a nanny extend well beyond just simple childcare. It's Jessica Alba who adored her nanny Connie Simpson so much that the said nanny even wrote a book to celebrate her work with the actress! When her children were little, she didn't want them to miss her while she was away, so she asked the babysitter to wear a wig to look like her when she was taking care of them. We also provide child care for corporate events such as tournaments, meetings, gatherings, etc. According to DailyMail, this is because these celebrities do not want the nanny falling in love and leaving the job after months or years of going through extensive training. Some celebrity moms insist that their nannies cannot date, be in a relationship, or get married. This is because some celebrities always want to portray a perfect image. Nannies to celebrity kids have more rules to follow given that the kids that they are employed to watch over need close monitoring. It might seem like a luxurious life accompanied with free vacations for the nannies, but it is a huge sacrifice for them. They work overtime, have to deal with a number of ridiculous demands, keep up with the divaish attitude, and still do their job taking care of the kids. According to Brightside, even celebrity kids have a number of activities do before bed, like brush their teeth, bath or engage in activities that will help them relax like listening to bedtime stories or lullabies that will soothe and lure them to sleep. They also had a number of highly trained ex-military bodyguards who had to ensure that the children are safe and sound 24/7. Taking care of children is a lot of work and, just like regular moms, celebrity moms also need help with their kids and this is why they enlist the help of nannies. Victoria Beckham once had a nanny named Jo for her daughter, Harper, but she eventually left the family. No jewelry. Besides, these nannies get hefty salaries to do their job so they must follow the laid out rules, which is if they desire to hold onto their jobs for long. Secondly, a celebrity nanny would obviously demand a much higher rate than most other nannies out there. Victoria's sister caught her communicating with the celebrity's former beautician. We all know that Gwyneth Paltrow strives to eat as healthily as possible, ensures that her family does the same, and sometimes goes a bit overboard with it. Back in 2018, Kim was robbed of her jewelry (including her engagement ring) and … I have been a writer since 2012, and have enjoyed the journey thus far. But celebrities during this time put up with a lot to make it big. Everybody wants to live, so you just have to comply with the rules. But still, the same nanny said that working for Jenner had its ups and downs. They included interesting details such as refiling a container of Vaseline for the children and insisting that the staff avoid buying multiples to … Some celebrity moms have a hard time letting their nannies do their jobs without micromanaging their every move. Sarah Jessica Parker is very specific about how her nanny should take care of her children. Some parents also do not want their kids to appear in photos twice with the same outfits. Meanwhile, they also can't watch TV or read newspapers and magazines. Often the responsibilities of a celebrity nanny extend way beyond simple childcare. The nanny and mom have also had frank discussions about social distancing. She was also a control freak who constantly checked on her employees to ensure that they were doing exactly what she told them to do. The same case applies to them when they are off duty. Despite the choice, it might be tempting to accessorize their looks further with jewelry but in some homes, there are rules that ban nannies from wearing flashy jewelry or having any on. Nanny Affairs. This is probably because they need everything to be perfect. When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were still together, they decided that the safety of their six children was a priority for them. When Katie Holmes lived with Tom Cruise, she had to follow quite a few rules and restrictions based on his religious beliefs. Before being refilled, it has to be washed by hand and then in a dishwasher. The Australian: The rules of celebrity clientele. Even though she wasn't even famous back then, she already thought that she could force those who worked for her to do things exactly as she wanted. The eldest sister of the Kardashian clan seems to be the most reserved. When nannies get the job, it comes together with a set of rules regarding the children and their bedtime routines, which they must adhere to. Royals or politicians more often have household-related requests, such as a nanny, an estate manager or a palace manager. Do they write notes to her, or is there someone who can talk to the actress and pass on the message? This is because anyone who works for a famous person represents them in a way and no celebrity will want to be associated with an employee who is always misbehaving in public, as stated by Moms. What rules do the Kardashian nannies have to follow? Most have processes of selecting the best amongst a group, just like an audition. However, nannies should get these rules from day one. This is a space for friendly local discussions. As a high-end nanny, you typically get assignments through a special agency that trains its nannies on how to provide superior services and support to each child. The thing is that her two sons are obsessed with comic book heroes and they often wanted to have Batman, Superman, or Spiderman as their nanny. For happy Hollywood couples, the arrival of an attractive nanny can spell certain doom. After all, kid safety is very important to the celebrity couple, so they hired not one, not two, but six nannies who worked shifts to ensure that there was always someone taking care of their children. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, 20 Secrets Only Celeb Nannies Can Tell Us About Their Boss, Paris Hilton: 10 Guys She's Been Romantically Linked To, 10 Beloved Redhead Actresses & Their Biggest Roles To Date, Victoria's Secret Models Reveal Their Favorite Foods. Wonder if they bought it. Many celebrity moms want to give the impression that they can do it all and so when they are out with the kids, they do not want the nanny to appear in the photos, and if she is, she must look like a friend or family member and not the help, as noted by DailyMail. She was a control freak and made her nannies work for 24 hours with no day-off schedule! Working for a celebrity can be a very interesting experience. As stated by Moms, celebrities get a lot of media attention when outside and because of that they may want their nannies to refrain from wearing flashy jewelry to avoid any unwanted attention as well as prevent robberies. According to TheTalko, celebrities are always on-the-go and any nanny they hire should be ready to be on call at any hour of any day. Here are some of the things Taimur's nanny, Savitri has to do as part of her job: ... New safety rules to … ( Read more: 10 Celebrity Bachelor Pads ) It makes her want to avoid any possible temptation for him. Currently, most people have a Smartphone that can easily take photos and this is probably why celebrities instill this rule. Celebrities have a reputation of hosting prestigious parties and it may be tempting for nannies to overindulge; this has dire consequences. Harper was so… As if she doesn't get enough of it from others, the singer needs constant praise from her children. According to Moms, sometimes the parents may want to do crazy things like disguising themselves to avoid getting any media attention when outside so it is important for the nannies to play along. Furthermore, most nannies must provide credible references for places they have worked before. They require that the nanny cover for their children at all times and admit to their faults. As a rule, nannies need to be able to keep up with the craziness. Such rules are part of the training when a nanny is going through the process, and are usually part of the contract. Norland College is known as the most prestigious nanny-training school in the world. Very often nanny develops an affectionate relationship with the kids she's taking care of because she spends a lot of time with them and they're growing up in front of her. When I am not busy writing like there's no tomorrow, I enjoy spending time with my three daughters and watching Netflix. The former employee shared that while she was on maternity leave, Mills called her repeatedly and asked when she'd get back to work in an "abusive voice". Once they find someone they are comfortable with to care for their kids, they have to orient them with the rules of their households. As stated by TheRichest, it's definitely hard for nannies to do their jobs when they are constantly being micromanaged but once they figure out how a particular mom wants and likes things done, life gets easier for them. Although it allows them to take a peek into the private life of a famous family, their job isn't the best job in the world. If a mother wants her child to wear a sundress in the middle of the cold winter season, the nannies have to oblige. Most parents also worry that giving their children, unlimited access to gadgets gives them to questionable content from the Internet and celebrity parents are no exceptions. Most parents would want their kids to go and play outside instead of staying glued to screens. It means that she's often absent from home and needs the help of her nanny to look after her kids. Most times, celebrities will ensure that it will be almost impossible to contact their nannies. Celebrities Nannies go through professional training in order to take care of the kids so at times; they may disagree or disapprove of how a certain celebrity mom is raising her children. The nanny didn't like to be controlled and just quit. December 30 is one of those 'in between' days over the Christmas period so now is the perfect opportunity to curl up on the couch and watch some TV. As long as the parents and the nanny have an understanding then that is all that matters. So, here at, we have decided to take the hard work out of it by telling you the highlights on TV on December 30. However, unlike regular moms, celeb moms have to be extra careful about who they employ to take care of their young ones since their fame might tempt the wrong people to take advantage. Sources:,,,,, Let's admit it: the kids of Beyonce and Jay-Z are already more famous than most of us will ever be. The celebrity hired dozens of nannies for her kids and none of them could work with her for a long time. And, as soon as they quit, they are happy to share the spicy details of their employment. Most nannies should not discipline their employer’s children yet they take the blame when the kids misbehave especially if they are in public, as stated by TheTalko. For example, Gwen Stefani's male babysitter also had to be ready to dress up for the singer's kids. The girl's wardrobe has a digital organizer that ensures that North doesn't wear any outfit more than once. Celebrities are always traveling and sometimes kids can become fond of the nanny and not necessarily with their parents because the nanny is the one who is always with them. If you work for Victoria Beckham, she'll tell you what to do and not to do, who to talk to and who not to talk to. Nannies have to cope with some of these demands regardless of how bizarre they might sound. “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention” ... such as Rob Lowe's nanny that accused him of sexual harassment. The actress has a strict rule for her nannies – they aren't allowed to kiss or hug her children under any circumstances because she doesn't want them to be emotionally attached. Celebrity moms also have to return to work once their maternity leave is over. Nicole Richie and her hubby Good Charlotte lead singer Joel Madden have two kids and, just like most other celebrities, they have their rules for raising them. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. 20 Rules Celebs Make Their Nannies Follow 20 Nannies Should Always Be Available On Call. She was working as a nanny on the East Side of Manhattan. Celebrities usually have hectic lifestyles, and any nannies they hire should be able to keep up with their schedules. If you thought hiring a nanny was hard, these Hollywood parents likely have a much harder time finding someone OK with these demands. Therefore, to avoid such inconveniences, they include such rules in the contracts. Simply the World’s Most Interesting Travel Site. Are Halsey & Cara Delevingne Really Dating? Sir Paul McCartney's ex-partner and mother of his daughter Beatrice, Heather Mills was very demanding to her nanny, too. The rules of replying: Be respectful. A Former Nanny For Francis Bean Cobain Actually Testified Against Courtney Love In Court Because … However, according to an insider, she's actually rather mean. Celebrity moms travel a lot and most of the times they cannot go with their children. In short, they just want someone solo. Here are 20 rules almost all celeb moms make their nannies follow. We hardly ever see nannies of celebrity kids on camera because they know how to avoid the cameras. The reality TV star's ex-nanny came forward to reveal that Kourtney was rude and bossy when she worked for her. Therefore, they also need to groom properly with neat hair and manicured nails. According to Mommyish, some nannies will have to dance to the baby’s amusement while others will have to sing certain lullabies and not any other to soothe the little one. Therefore, if the rules say gadget time is only on the weekends, nannies have no qualm but to obey. But such a thing is impossible in Halle Berry's household. She was one of the most beautiful people you could ever meet. Among other things, Theron doesn't like her staff, including nannies, to talk to her. Nanny Poppinz has special rules in force regarding the players, their families concerning privacy and safety. While some celeb moms do not mind when the nannies hug and kiss their children, a good number are usually against it as stated by TheTalko. Her policy of not hiring a babysitter with this kind of appearance is very strict. Another rule for the nannies is to be on call 24/7, in case the singer needs them. Celebs have crazy work schedules, just like regular people do and often have to work far from home when filming or touring. That’s a lot of responsibility, especially when the paparazzi can be hounds. This can even be included as a rule in the number of things that they should not do where the children are concerned. For example, reality TV star, Kourtney Kardashian follows a plan consisting of gluten- and dairy-free meals and so do her kids. Some families are okay with nannies using their phones but the majority are not, especially if they have a new baby in the house. Celebrities are usually very strict when it comes to their children’s safety and protection. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. This happens to protect their high profiles and their children’s reputation. Overprotective moms are especially guilty of this. Besides, the babysitters have specific instructions on how they have to apply eye drops to the kids. Charlize Theron Doesn't Like To Talk To Her Staff. Being a celebrity nanny isn’t nearly as glamorous or sexy as it may seem. Hillsborough Mom, Celebrity Nanny Pens Book To Inspire Kids. Others will even have to dress in costumes to entertain the kids. Sometimes these nannies remain behind with the kids and other times they have to travel together with the parents. Corporations Nanny Poppinz provides child care services for major corporations during diaster events. Beckham and this beautician didn't separate on good terms because she reportedly "did it" with David, so Victoria wanted her nanny to stay away from her enemy. They essentially want you to be discreet and loyal when it comes to their children. They work overtime, have to deal with a number of ridiculous demands, keep up with the divaish attitude, all while taking care of the kids. This kind of behavior stems from the insecurities of being a celebrity and wanting to portray a certain image to the public. Besides, the celebrity would often come back home late, forcing her babysitter to stay beyond her normal work hours. One of her nannies learned it the hard way. We were really, really close. From her show, we know that Kate Gosselin is a nightmare ex, but we should also be aware of her being a nightmare employer. Julia Roberts is a famous actress who has to work a lot to maintain her popularity. Celebrities’ nannies make a lot of money but their hefty paycheck comes... 19 They Must Dress For The Cameras. Studio City Lifestyle Magazine. As bizarre as this may sound, this can cause a build-up of jealousy. Many celebrities have publicly revealed that their kids are on strict meal plans and when such moms hire nannies, they expect them to keep the kids on those plans. Some celebrity requests may confirm diva suspicions — a barber's chair and a Coke and Hennesey slushy machine for Kanye West. After all these scary stories about celebrities being demanding and over-the-top, we have to make things better by recalling that there is at least one celebrity who is incredibly nice with her babysitter. They have to tag along because the parents might need help with the kids when they are out and about. According to TheTalko, a former nanny, Melissa Dumas, has claimed that Madonna doesn’t allow noise in her home when she’s sleeping — not even for showers. Nannies are bound to appear next to the celebrities they work for in some of the snaps taken as claimed by TheRichest. “We are on the same page about taking precautions and we talked … The rules will depend on the mother and while some may appear to be silly, the nannies should always oblige. Some celebrity parents expect their nannies to take the blame when their kids are caught doing something wrong. Being a pretty blonde herself, Jessica Simpson doesn't like a pretty blonde nanny. Some moms will even inform their nannies that they are the ones who will make all the decisions. Most of them actually do not get time to spend with their own families because they must tag along wherever the parents choose to go to work. Briefing documents to Economic Development Minister … 1. For instance, the actress has a 1.75-ounce container that has to be refilled with vaseline for her kids and no other container can be used. Those who get such bosses can live quite a lonely life. Celebrity nannies aren't just your regular caretakers! Many celebrity parents have strict schedules because they believe that kids should get the opportunity to fall asleep at the same time every day to establish a proper sleeping routine.