Centralizing Templates/Blocks & Language files, Stop Themes From Interfering with The edit bar. There are two new calendar blocks in 8.3.0 – the Calendar block, and the Event List block. When added to a page, the Auto-Nav and Page List blocks will use the saved value as the item's target, allowing site owners to control whether certain links open in certain windows/frames. Contribute to concrete5/concrete5 development by creating an account on GitHub. In 2003 we built Concrete CMS to power pixel perfect websites for our own web shop serving national brands. A Real World Use Case. Page Attributes provide a way to attach information to a page without actually displaying it as content. Valid on images, and sometimes on PDFs and movie files. The dashboard's User Attributes page provides a list of all attributes currently in use on your site. Edit it! Explain all these different logins I have!?! Used by the Auto-Nav. Running Multiple concrete5 Instances Using a Single Core on a Redhat enviroment. Perhaps you have a set of attributes related to photos, and a completely different set related to documents. Each attribute is a certain atribute type-- like a date, a piece of text, a select dropdown, etc.. Could this page use improvement? When being installed, the theme creates these express objects. Attribute Keys are the actual items we want to track about a particular target object. Any help would be much appreciated. This is the documentation for concrete5 version 5.6 and earlier. How do I add Google Analytics tracking code to my site? As the site is already setup the 'old' way I want to be able to retrieve the thumbnail the same way again. This is only used to authenticate the user. How to hide tracking code for editable users (post 5.5.x), Creating a single page to handle both Login & Registration, Make ALL Your YouTube & Other Embedded Videos Auto-Fit, Add a slider control to an edit menu or form, How To Add a Custom @Font-Face to Your Theme, Configure additional cache settings via Zend Cache options, Create a form with a dynamic list of input elements, Concrete5 and Godaddy shared linux hosting plan - Complete solution, Remove Site Name from your web page header, Change the format of your site's page titles, 10 Useful Tools You Probably Didn't Know Existed, Volume 1. Choose your image from the file manager. How do I remove the "Powered by concrete5" in my theme's footer? To make use of these, simply create the attribute if it doesn't exist, with the proper handled and attribute type, which are both listed below. 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This feature is available for concrete5 version 8.1+. Set up a page attribute of type 'image/file' and give it a handle like 'background_image'. concrete5.7 attribute allowing you to add static texts to forms generated with attributes - Remo/concrete5-attribute-plain-text Official repository for concrete5 development. concrete5 CIF Example: Attribute Keys Attribute keys are defined inside an attributekeys tag right under the main concrete5-cif tag. The values of these attributes can be set by the user itself or by an Administrator. For example, the page attribute "Exclude from Nav" (with the handle "exclude_nav") is created during installation. 0. ... Any attributes that are in a Set can be "dragged-and-dropped" via the Dashboard "Page Attributes" page. Dynamically concatenate, minify, gzip, and server side cache multiple LESS and CSS files in your theme. For example, if you want to put an image on a page, then you just add an Image block (or insert an image into a Content block). Enabling these options will prompt users to enter information for this attribute upon logging into the site for the first time. How to use workflows to set up a group of users so that they can edit a page set up by an admin and … Read Tutorial How users can reset their own password if "Require on Registration Form" is selected, users will not be able to complete the login process without providing the required information. Concrete5.7+ example code for creating attributes and attribute sets programmatically. Concrete5_Library_Object Object Concrete5_Model_AttributeKey AttributeKey Concrete5_Model_UserAttributeKey Concrete5 Migrate Users with Groups and Attributes . The User object is used specifically for User authentication. First a list is displayed with all the already present user attributes; these can also be edited here. Let's say you have a custom Widget object, and you'd like to be able to use concrete5 attributes against the Widget object. View Current Documentation. If the user has chosen to receive private messages, this setting controls whether they will be emailed when a private message comes through. In the “User attributes” tab it is possible to add additional fields to user profiles. Installation. Put your site on edit mode. When added to a page, the contents will be printed out when the "header_required" element is loaded (which happens automatically in every theme.).