Full Name Kree Empire/Starforce: Yon-Rogg | Minn-Erva | Korath the Pursuer | Att-lass | Bron-Char | Ronan the Accuser | Soh-Larr | Supreme Intelligence This chain monster is very similar to Mysteltainn. Others: Loki Laufeyson | Thanos Juggernaut | Tell him that you are the new guy, but you need your executioner hood. As Skurge watched from the sidelines, still armed with his axe in case there was any resistance, Hela proceeded to use all her Necroswords to break down the entrance, causing the large doorway to fall before them creating a bridge for Skurge and Hela to cross with ready to confront Heimdall and all the others. Captain America: The Winter Soldier Bi-Beast | They then went towards Himinbjorg with the intention of going through the Bifrost Bridge and beginning their conquest of all the other Nine Realms so Hela could become all powerful. However, when they arrived, they discovered that the Hofund was gone, having seemingly been taken by Heimdall, meaning that they now could not proceed with the plan to take over the realms. Avengers: Endgame Maximus Whitney Frost | Dottie Underwood Mongoose | Thor: Ragnarok is a 2017 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Thor, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.It is the sequel to Thor (2011) and Thor: The Dark World (2013), and the 17th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Executioner | Tell him that you are the new guy, but you need your executioner hood. HYDRA: Red Skull | Arnim Zola | Heinz Kruger | HYDRA Lieutenant | Velt Black Order: Thanos | Ebony Maw | Proxima Midnight | Corvus Glaive | Cull Obsidian | Nebula | Outriders | Sakaaran Mercenaries | Chitauri | Leviathans | Chitauri Gorillas Roxxon | Skurge then explained about Heimdall's banishment and that he was now the Guardian of the Bifrost ever since he had gone. Surtur | Kingpin | Bullseye | Vanessa Marianna (Season 5) Skurge watches as Berserkers are resurrected. He is primarily an enemy of Thor. Daredevil (Season 2) HYDRA/STRIKE: Red Skull | Alexander Pierce | Crossbones | Jasper Sitwell | Jack Rollins Evil-doer Kilgrave | Will Simpson | Dorothy Walker | Audrey Eastman However, things for Asgard went worse when Hela returns to Asgard following Odin's death. Iron Man 3 Skurge standing by Hela's side as she sets out to invade Asgard. Gorr the God Butcher | Erik Killmonger | Ulysses Klaue | W'Kabi | Linbani | Linda | Dave Helmut Zemo Marauders: Duhg | Kronan Marauder Currently maintained by Blueness and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created by Amesani: Previously Maintained by Mosu, Yurei and many others. Others: Red Skull | The Collector | Loki Laufeyson | Winter Soldier | M'Baku | Scarlet Witch | Thunderbolt Ross Others: Mac Gargan | Aaron Davis Skurge was then forced to awkwardly run across the Rainbow Bridge to announce his arrival, hoping to arrive before the king just before Thor did. Captain America: Civil War Hela | Others: Grill | Samuel Voss | Graviton | (Season 1) Asguardian warriorJanitor of the Bifrost Bridge (formerly)Executioner and right hand of Hela (formerly) The Executioner carried a huge magical battle-axe that can slice through anything, and project fire and ice. Villains | Dozens of classes, hundreds of weapons and armors, tons of different skill load outs to customize your character to your play-style and truly you are in control of your game destiny Thunderball | Thor: The Dark World HYDRA: Hive | Grant Ward | Gideon Malick | Kebo | Werner von Strucker | Giyera | Lucio | Hellfire | Alisha Whitley | Primitives Always up to date with the latest patch (9.0.2). Annihilus | Citizenship Piledriver | Wonder Man saved Avengers . The Hand: Alexandra Reid | Elektra Natchios | Madame Gao | Bakuto | Murakami | Sowande HYDRA: Dr. Leopold Fitz | Alistair Fitz As Thor fights against Hela, he gets Loki to awaken the fire demon Surtur to bring about Ragnarok to kill Hela and the remaining Berserkers. Executioners is a covenant in Bloodborne. Increases damage dealt to champions below 20 / 35 / 50% maximum health by 5%. Sovereign: Ayesha | Sovereign Admiral | Zylak | Sovereign Chambermaid NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of the Skurge from the Marvel Cinematic film series. Asgardian Skurge tells Thor of Heimdall's disappearance. Quicksand | Executioner Ragnarok, Come & Join us! Skurge and Hela then made it to the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf, where Hela then started to talk about how everything that people believed about Odin and his rule was all lies that were made into a fresco. Punisher Villains | The Executioner appears as a boss in the video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Character History. Where to find Executioner. Others: Jasper Sitwell Skurge trained to eventually become a soldier within Einherjar, prepared to sacrifice his own life for the protection of the throne and his fellow Asgardians. Kree Empire: Kasius | Sinara | Faulnak | Vicar | Tye Despite siding with Hela when she took power in Asgard, Skurge was conflicted and disillusioned with his decision and questioned if his hunger for power and desire to survive is worth the suffering of his kin as all he ever wanted was to be respected and not to be the executioner of a tyrant. Nathaniel Malick | Sibyl High Evolutionary | Inhumans Villains | Talk to Camping Youth (Rockha) in Comodo at (204,310). [1], Skurge showing off to his beautiful dates. Thanos | All Hail the King Daredevil Villains | A.I.M. Yellowjacket Skurge was created byStan Leeand Jack Kirby. Make your way to the northern-center of the map and talk to The Head Executioner (Located at 200 301). Others: Garthan Saal | Eson the Searcher | Moloka Dar | Monstrous Inmate | The Collector | Dark Elf | Thanos Thor: Ragnarok https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Skurge_(Marvel_Cinematic_Universe)?oldid=4062293. Appearances Lorelei | Skurge the Executioner is an Asgardian supervillain who is anenemy of Thor and the right-hand ally and bodyguard of Amora the Enchantress. The Pride: Jonah | Geoffrey Wilder Others: Morgan le Fay | Anthony Wall/AWOL | Bronwyn Bug Reports/Suggestions: Discord Processing Time: … [1], Skurge leading the entire army of Berserkers. You can do this by either using the Warpra or by traveling 1 Map North and 3 Maps West from Geffen. Karl Urban. Others: Shrike | Malachi | Atarah | Dr. Leopold Fitz Thor: Ragnarok: Berserker Army (Hela Odinsdottir, Skurge & Fenris Wolf) | Sakaaran Guards (The Grandmaster & Topaz) | Loki Laufeyson | Fire Demons (Surtur & Fire Dragon) | Thanos. Malekith the Accursed | Skurge then followed Hela as she walked down the Rainbow Bridge with the intention of taking over all of Asgard and claiming the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf as her own, leaving Hofund behind still inside Himinbjorg. After dispatching both Thor and Loki, Hela killed Volstagg and Fandrall before recruiting Skurge to serve her as her new right-hand and executioner. He started talking about his family history, but Hela immediately stopped him, explaining that she wanted to know about his ambition. Arcade | Beyonder | Just as the Statesman had begun to take off, Hela managed to stop it by using her Necroswords to create a large spike that anchored it to the Rainbow Bridge. The Hand: Madame Gao | Nobu Yoshioka Added in World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor. Skurge making his final stand for Asgard as he fights against the remaining Beserkers before being killed by Hela for his betrayal. Having wiped out Asgard's defense and resurrected her own army, Hela then took over the throne as Queen of Asgard. HYDRA/Centipede Group: John Garrett | Grant Ward | Ian Quinn | Raina | Edison Po | Jasper Sitwell | Deathlok | Debbie | Vanchat | Scorch | Kaminsky Izel A sword made of bone with an enormous head. Others: Winter Soldier Others: Loki Laufeyson | Jotunheim Beast | The Collector Galactus | Skurge then watched on as more of the Asgardians got on board, with several women and children sitting beside him while Thor and Heimdall, along with the help of Korg and Miek continued keeping Berserkers at bay.[1]. Executioner: A gruesome sword used to behead criminals judged with the death penalty. Johann Fennhoff | Dottie Underwood Late 2017 Ant-Man Ymir | Roxxon Corporation: Peter Scarborough | Terrors Mister Hyde | She served as a loyal, faithful, and dutiful servant to her father, even being so pure as to wield Mjølnir. As the Berserkers then began to climb up and eliminate the guards on the ship, making their way towards the innocent women and children. This covenant focuses on pvp and invasions. Alisa Jones | Karl Malus | Pryce Cheng | Dorothy Walker | Turk Barrett The two then made their way to a mountain that Heimdall was hiding all of the other Asgardians in who also challenged Hela's claim to the throne of Asgard. Following Odin's disappearance, Loki Laufeyson (posing himself as Odin) appointed Skurge as the new sentry of the Bifrost Bridge after banishing Hemidall (the former sentry), and Skurge took advantage of this to woo women and travel to locations to collect items, such as a pair of M-10 guns from Earth. Enchantress | Skurge is told to execute an innocent woman. 1. However, Skurge's showing offended when Thor, who was currently under attack in Muspelheim, called for transport. However, Skurge becomes disillusioned over his new role as Hela's executioner, feeling that it goes against the true Asgardian ways. At the start of "Achilles' Veil", Menendez uses his Executioner to fire at some Quadrotorswhile making his way to the Citadel. Thor: Ragnarok The Executioner can be unlocked in the customized loadout menu after the player completes five challenges in "Celerium". Others: Justin Hammer Asgardian Zealots: Kaecilius | Lucian Thor: Tales of Asgard: Loki Laufeyson Thor then flew away to see Odin, ignoring the fact that Skurge was meant to announce any arrivals to Odin first, unaware they were actually made by Loki in order to prepare him if Thor had arrived. Nobu Yoshioka / Nobody questions your justice when faced with the final form of the Executioner. During his final moments, Skurge fought Hela's entire army of the Berserkers and then allowed all of his people to survive the Destruction of Asgard at the cost of his own life. Spider-Man: Homecoming Hela used her Necroswords to completely destroy the fresco and reveal a different one which had been hidden underneath that depicted Hela and Odin Building their Empire through destruction and war. However, Skurge's disillusion and inner conflict of his new position upon seeing her brutality against her own people and the threat she posed to the Nine Realms ultimately made him turn against the Goddess of Death. Black Mariah | Bushmaster | Shades | Turk Barrett Alternate Reality Versions. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Season 3) Grog | Others: Nebula | Abilisk | The Grandmaster | Thanos Skurge being stabbed to death by Hela upon throwing the Necrosword within his heart. Help the surviving Asgardians to safety (succeeded). Skurge then watched as Thor then used Mjølnir to force Loki to confess to Odin's current location on Earth as they both went to bring him back home. Iron Man Fire Demons: Surtur | Fire Dragon Thor Villains, Comics Deciding now that serving Hela isn't worth it, Skurge decides to abandon Hela and help the Asgardians to safety. In the beginning, justice was based around private justice, i.e. Determined to retrieve the sword, Hela brings life to an army of undead soldiers (known as Berserkers) and a giant wolf named Fenris Wolf, and she had Skurge to lead the Berserkes to track down the resistance and steal the sword. Cloak & Dagger (Season 2) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Jessica Jones Villains | Unfortunately, Skurge's sacrifice became in vain as the arriving alien warlord Thanos and the Black Order managed to kill half of the Asgardian survivors (including Loki and Hemidall) to steal the Tesseract, leaving a helpless Thor to drift in space while Hulk is sent back to Earth to warn of Thanos' arrival. Titania | Loki Laufeyson The Hand: Madame Gao Others: Obadiah Stane | J. Jonah Jameson, Television Frost Giants | However, Skurge then rejoined Hela after she had single-handedly slaughtered all of the Einherjar with considerable ease, killing the soldiers and bringing down the Asgardian Skiffs with her own Necroswords. Black Order: Thanos | Ebony Maw | Proxima Midnight | Corvus Glaive | Cull Obsidian | Nebula | Outriders | Chitauri | Leviathans Fafnir | Guardian of the Bifrost Bridge (formerly)Executioner of Asgard (formerly) Celebrant's Mitten iRO Wiki Database Divine Pride Database Gog | Skurge and Hela overhear Thor calling to them, The two then entered to find everyone had escaped and were already heading towards the Bifrost Bridge. Hela started out as the firstborn child and sole daughter to Odin and Frigga. Iron Fist Villains | The horrified Skurge was then left to walk around the field of corpses while Hela delighted in her complete and utter victory in the battle. Spider-Man: Far From Home Skurge, also known as the Executioner, is a Marvel Comics character who is an Asgardian warrior and antagonist. Chitauri: The Other 2 Skurge was finally given his own long-awaited opportunity to prove himself when Loki, who was currently still disguised as Odin, was ruling Asgard, banished Heimdall, claiming it to be due to neglecting his duty of protecting Asgard. The ExecutionerJanitorSmart Boy Type of Villain Ghost | Sonny Burch | Bill Foster | Uzman | Anitolov | Knox | Stoltz | Elihas Starr | Thanos Terminus | Man-Beast | When Skurge finally activated the Bifrost Bridge and Thor came through, followed by the head of a Fire Dragon that had been chasing him, which sprayed its blood everywhere, causing his completely horrified companions to leave in utter disgust. Others: Georgi Luchkov | Thanos Increases damage received from [Demi-Human] race by 10%. HYDRA: Daniel Whitehall | Grant Ward | Wolfgang von Strucker | List | Sunil Bakshi | Absorbing Man | Agent 33 | Blizzard | Kebo Others: Detective Connors While Skurge resided in Himinbjorg, he took advantage of the new role to impress women as well as to travel to all locations, obtaining many items to add to his collection, including a pair of M-16 Rifles from Earth which he named Des and Troy, with Skurge claiming that when put together, they would destroy. Increases physical damage against [Demi-Human] race targets by 20%. Avengers: Infinity War Skurge shooting Des and Troy at Berserkers. Menendez will then lecture Farid on his l… Ten Rings: Ten Rings Agent Iron Monger | William Ginter Riva Hela then proceeded to smash through the floor and found scores of dead Einherjar buried under the Vault. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer, Tessa Thompson, Karl Urban and Taiki Waititi on Thor, 'Thor: Ragnarok' cast introduces the newest members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, https://marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Executioner?oldid=1247038, Skurge's death is a direct reference to his last stand from "Thor #362" (December 1985), where he fended off Hela's army with a pair of. Hearing this, Hela told Skurge of how previous Kings of Asgard had used personal Executions, with Hela herself having been Odin's Executioner. Runaways Executioner's item drop, stats, hit, flee, range, speed, race, element, size, base exp, job exp, hp … Hero Mercs: Crossbones feuds and vendettas: as such the victim or his relatives had to execute their sentence themselves. Unwilling to allow this to happen, Skurge revealed himself, using Des and Troy to destroy the incoming enemies, but knowing they would not stop coming, he jumped out, sacrificing himself. Ego Punisher | Agent Orange | Jigsaw | Lewis Wilson | Blacksmith | Turk Barrett | Tony Gnucci | Lance | Paulie | Leo Physical attacks ignore the defense of [Demi-Human] race targets. Skurge decides to escape from Hela's forces. Executioner Ragnarok. Skurge overlooks Hela's murderous rampage. He then began to mow down the horde of Berserkers on the Bridge with his rifles with great ease as their bodies shattered from the bullets. While Hela then approached Thor to answer the challenge, Skurge went onto the Rainbow Bridge, knowing that soon Heimdall would attempt to transport with all the Asgardians. Impossible Man | Actors/Actresses Cate Blanchett as Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. Skurge was a former Einherjar warrior who was tasked with becoming the guardian of the Bifrost Bridge by Loki following the banishment of Heimdall. Super strengthHigh combat proficiencyMarksmanship Control over the Bifrost Bridge (formerly) Skurge was then able to trap Heimdall and all of the rest of the still escaping Asgardians on the Rainbow Bridge as they were trying to get to freedom. Dracula | 19 likes. Aid Hela in her goals (abandoned).Help the surviving Asgardians to safety (succeeded). Others: Jim Pierce Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Born in Asgard to a stone mason father and his wife, Skurge had one ambition throughout his young life, to prove himself as an Asgardian warrior worthy of being remembered. Luke Cage Villains | The Incredible Hulk Captain America Villains | Fenris Wolf | The mainstream version can be found here: Skurge (Marvel). Punisher | Anderson Schultz | John Pilgrim | Jigsaw | Eliza Schultz | Krista Dumont | Turk Barrett (Season 2) Thor: Loki Laufeyson | Frost Giants (Laufey, Grundroth, Hailstrum, Raze & Jotunheim Beast) | The Destroyer | Jasper Sitwell Find more ways to say executioner, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Enchanters Three | HYDRA: General Hale | Ruby Hale | Qovas | Werner von Strucker | Anton Ivanov | Absorbing Man | Dr. Leopold Fitz When no one in the entire crowd had spoken up, Hela then singled out one of them and ordered Skurge to execute her in front of everybody, which he felt uneasy about as he did not want to kill anyone, let alone an innocent woman. Date of Death Yondu Ravager Clan: Yondu Udonta | Kraglin Obfonteri | Tullk | Oblo | Taserface | Gef | Retch | Halfnut | Brahl | Vorker | Narblik | Huhtar Immortus | Another word for executioner. It also appears as Raul Menendez' signature handgun in the campaign. Equipments such as Armor & Footgear, which as only one slot, can have a maximum of 1 Prefix / Suffix. As Hela walked over to him, Skurge claimed to only be the janitor, impressing Hela with his survival skills which convinced her to recruit him to help her in finally overthrowing all of Asgard. Skurge then told her that he only ever wanted the chance to prove himself as a warrior. Others: Camilla Reyes | Franklin Hall | Blizzard | Lorelei | Marcus Daniels | Christian Ward | Jakob Nystrom While all the Berserkers fought the Asgardians, Skurge did not actually fight as he only sided with Hela only to survive and not kill his people. When Loki's deception is revealed by Thor, Skurge is demoted to becoming the new janitor of the Bifrost Bridge under Volstagg and Fandrall's supervision, due to his alliance with Loki. Blastaar | The fact that he dared oppose the Goddess of Death proves Skurge was also capable of being very brave when he wants it. Skurge is a supporting antagonist-turned-protagonist in the 2017 Marvel film Thor: Ragnarok. Executioner Occupation Hela had then ordered Skurge to gather the Asgardians who were reeling against her.[1].