examined the issue of Similarity in age, gender, race, and experience all affect ratings. Yet, a review of the literature and media coverage suggests insufficient understanding of the nuances of racial bias. Because of the standardized application process–wherein schools submit summative Medical Student Performance Evaluations (MSPE’s)–it also represents a unique opportunity to assess the possible prevalence of racial and gender disparities, as shown elsewhere in medicine. Landy et al. Even similar work habits, similar attitudes, or similar personalities lead to inflated ratings. mance) is contaminated by a factor (racial bias) unrelated to the ultimate criterion. Performance Information, Racial Bias, and Citizen Evaluations of Government: Evidence from Two Studies November 2020 Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory However, 40% of respondents felt that bias existed in their company's performance reviews, according to the report. Racial Bias in Pulse Oximetry The question of whether pulse oximetry measurements vary according to race has not been adequately studied, despite the wide use of this measure in clinical care. … Why it’s important to address bias in performance reviews. Asking several people to evaluate individuals engages multiple data points and encourages a broader perspective on performance, both of which act to reduce bias. The similar-to-me effect is everywhere – it shows up when rating supervisors, rating subordinates, and rating peers. The majority (63%) of respondents calibrate performance ratings to … Purpose The transition from medical school to residency is a critical step in the careers of physicians. Bias can influence employee performance reviews in incredibly negative ways. A good manager should be objective about the performance of their employees and performance review bias distorts a manager and company's view of how an employee is performing. A study by Kieran Snyder looked at 248 reviews across 28 companies, and found that while 59% of the reviews received by men contained critical feedback, 88% of reviews received by women did. Use Performance Review Software to Counteract Rater Bias Bias in policing, economic and health disparities and social policy are topical in the media, corporate dining halls and on college campuses. The problem is that Facebook has previously ignored instances of racial bias in its algorithms, and has impeded researchers from continuing to work on reducing racial bias. But first, a quick look at why this matters. The most explicit refutation of racial bias in supervisory ratings comes from a review of research on personnel selection by Landy, Shankster, and Kohler (1994). We suggest that the time has come to revisit this issue. Racial bias can also occur in employee referrals and performance reviews, other factors that influence receiving promotions or job offers.