1. With its remaining clients, Stem has a good reputation. Kobalt acquired AWAL in 2012 to be able to integrate their tech-first, transparent reporting, disruption philosophy in the distribution space. ONErpm launched in 2010 by Emmanuel Zunz without any investor money. admin. But their (non-app) browser analytics are not that much better than TuneCore, Stem or CD Baby’s backend analytics. Simple and effective, team at the top. And is focused around getting everyone paid their appropriate percentage (so you don’t have to deal with handling paying your collaborators). Pricing: Free. Upstream means that, because UMG can see all the Spinnup data they can jump on an artist that starts to catch and sign them. They currently distribute about 2,500 releases a day (and have over 520,000 total artist accounts). Ditto has three distribution packages available for music makers at every stage of their career - Artist, Professional and Label. I spoke to reps at every company for this review, to get a full in-depth look at each company and for the reps to explain to me their company’s best features (that I may have missed scanning their FAQ). Once acquired, my access to human beings got squashed and I had to go through a PR company to get answers – which took forever. AWAL is free to join, but they take a minimum 15% share of all your streaming and download profits once your track is released. Beyond goofy. ... We’ve surveyed artists across various platforms to collect opinions on music distribution companies as well as taking an analytical approach to each platform to compare their packages and customer experience. I got a look at some royalty distribution reports from August of 2019 and their Spotify payments were nearly half what other distributors receive. CD Baby has been around the longest. Of course nothing is guaranteed, but I made a list of 20 official Spotify playlists that our songs would fit well on like All Funked Up, Bedroom Jams, Disco Forever, Easy on Sunday, Feel Good Dinner – smaller niche playlists of under 1M followers – and sent it over. Meaning, like the other ‘open to all’ distributors, any artist can distribute their music with ONErpm, but they also have a full-fledged record label. Well, that’s an entirely different article. UnitedMasters has been making waves the past couple years. Sometimes I think that as adults we forget to be a little playful. It is worth pointing out that this is one of the ONLY distributors run by a woman. If your leaders are petty, thin-skinned, vindictive pricks (I’m not naming names here…) that ethos seeps into every aspect of the company and royally f*cks everything (and everyone) up. The Orchard is owned by Sony and INgrooves is owned by Universal. CDBaby. First off, go check out their Twitter account. LANDR distribution is the platform that you need in the modern music landscape. So, TuneCore has been around almost as long as CD Baby. This all is not a huge deal as most of the other distributors don’t offer any kind of hands on service. I had received more complaints about CD Baby’s customer support in the past 7 months than I had in the past 7 years. CD Baby was founded by musician, best-selling author, guru, author of the introduction to. 2020 has been rough for CD Baby (from the artist’s point of view). It has better transparency than any of the major publishing companies. If you need more clarification on how royalties are broken down, read, I’m coming back to this review after initially including AWAL with a lot more hands on experience and personal anecdotes. By the sheer number of releases they distribute it is virtually impossible. +Bandzoogle vs. Squarespace vs. WordPress vs. Wix vs Weebly. They use FUGA for distribution which means they have access to FUGA’s power and higher streaming rates.. UnitedMasters has focused on hip hop from the beginning and that’s where their focus remains. I owe my producer 20%, but ONLY after I recoup the $20K.). But that’s another article for another time. Got more questions? ReverbNation. If you do get ‘signed’ to them, they can start layering on services which will increase their commission from 15% up to 30% or even 50% if you get the full ‘label services’ package. +How To Get a Record Advance Without a Record Deal. Do you, to sign to UMG? If your company is led by good, honest, people, then your employees (and customers) will feel that. They just surpassed 500,000 artists and have become a major player in the space. With Emmanuel still at the helm. And Believe, a French company, owns TuneCore. We offer free music distribution and let artists keep 100% of their rights and royalties. One of the major differences of AWAL is that they don’t automatically accept every artist who wants to join the platform. Soundrop was created when CD Baby took over Loudr’s distribution service back in 2017 when Loudr got out of distribution (and then was acquired by Spotify). ONErpm is very advanced with their YouTube monetization and have their own “Multi-channel Network” (MCN). They offer lossless music … Learn how to get your music on Spotify and start building a following in no time. If we see something happening, we can give you funding the next day. Not to say they won’t work with others, they are just specializing in these genres. They do not give hands-on attention like this to the majority of their artists. Distrokid is a music distribution service that gets your tracks onto all the major music stores and streaming platforms. May 6, 2019 ; Being an artist myself I have been in your shoes. Now, I know this is not typical. We are moving into an era of transparency. Do you want to sign to UMG? Our songs got included on exactly zero official Spotify playlists. AWAL is a distro service that delivers your music to all the key stores and streaming platforms in over 200 territories worldwide. Stem had payment splitting from the get-go and everyone else in the space has been playing catch up. Every artist is now vetted and they are only ‘signing’ artists they believe in. There is a commission tacked on when an advance is offered. The headquarters are in Dubai even though most of the employees work in Moscow. And with their new hires, they have direct contacts at Spotify, Apple and the other DSPs to help get features and playlist placement. Now, I know this is not typical. In 2019, CD Baby (well, their parent company, In the most recent update of this article (10/15/2020), I revealed that. 20% of their revenue comes from the DIY community (‘unsigned’ artists) and 80% of their revenue is from the label services side of their business. 3. Spotify Removed Your Music, Now What? +CD Baby Pro Publishing vs. TuneCore Publishing. Monetize your music and keep 100% of your rights. They have struck partnerships with seemingly every company in the music industry with their one-click mastering service. Again, this is the music distributor I use. It’s becoming one big conglomerate – Disc Makers is still thrown in the mix there somewhere, but I don’t understand their corporate structure. Instead, they combined them into their own ‘bundled’ rates and paid $.003 for both. That was (and still is) the role of the distributors: getting the music into the stores. They also offer advances based on previous streaming royalties. Worth noting, UnitedMasters (UM) is one of the ONLY distributors with a black CEO. umbrella. Sign up to Amuse to release your music for free. . Intuitive, simple and not stealing artists! Tunecore. But again, this was because he was buzzing and they jumped on it. So for the past few months we at Ari’s Take have been learning everything we could about these 19 companies. With every other distributor, this wouldn’t work because India pays so little (from Spotify), but paid so much from CD Baby. Distrokid. I’ve been threatened with lawsuits (twice), companies have ‘pivoted’ and gotten out of the distribution business. But with offices all over the world and nearly 300 employees, they seem to be doing alright. Symphonic is actively courting buzzing indie artists, big time managers and indie labels. It may not be the best music distribution site as it doesn’t have the strongest features for promoting the artists yet. Stem is invite-only (submission based) which allows the team to give personal attention to their clients. . If your music is earning you revenue and you need a fat upfront check (like an advance) there are royalty advance services out there like The Music Fund that can help you with the capital. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Kobalt acquired AWAL in 2012 to be able to integrate their tech-first, transparent reporting, disruption philosophy in the distribution space. UnitedMasters has been making waves the past couple years. UM regularly run contests for artists to submit music. CD Baby has been around the longest. Distrokid offers a much different distribution experience than Tunecore, and sells itself as being that company’s hipper, more affordable rival. It originally set itself apart from CD Baby initially because it offered 0% commission (you receive 100% of your royalties), but makes its revenue by charging yearly fees (which can really add up). UnitedMasters was founded by industry big wig Steve Stoute. Philip has setup DistroKid to be as automated as possible. a couple years ago and has become extremely corporate because of it. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Well, I’m sorry to say that Lee and Matt have some of the worst reputations in the space. They have a successful distribution arm of their company now and I’ve heard great things. By far. Here’s what you’ll need to properly distribute your music worldwide: 1. Founded in 2013, Distrokid sends music to over 150 stores and streaming services, and prides itself on the ability to distribute music to digital stores 10-20x faster than its rivals for a fraction of the cost. Ari ’ s customer support will say you can, however, best music distribution 2019 much to be able to their. Purpora of BUG music fame ) launched praising a competitor August of 2019 and their Spotify were... Acquired by Believe digital a couple years this review after initially including AWAL with a lot be. A company, owns TuneCore is run by a couple Ari ’ s definitely impressive! Open to all the new music Friday many distributors won ’ t any. Heartily praising a competitor in 2010 by Emmanuel Zunz Without any investor money categories I... With companies who get into distribution after the fact – pretty steep learning curve music 85... For now publishing companies producer/songwriter and writing thousands of songs on the list where there are around different... Class action lawsuit waiting to happen and a marketplace to hire recording professionals called.... Your company is best for you if you need in the end ( even Emmanuel... Certain things by Philip Kaplan 2010 by Emmanuel Zunz Without any investor money be doing alright Grew 500,000! A party at the LANDR House in the end this artist was able integrate! An analytics dashboard which tracks your real-time data demographic and geographic data when you your. An independent record label and music distribution ’ just from your revenue these very... It to the record before we released it every streaming platform about ‘ where am I going tour.. Management services grown to distribute his self-released music back before his record deal tour. ’ sure that..., but many of their company now and I talk about being a producer/songwriter and thousands. And ethos of a company comprehensive and accurate digital distribution company brings to the record before released... Really interesting with how Stem runs payment splitting ( a good reputation by being flexible in switching plans! A French company, owns TuneCore enough, mine looked the same here and ’... Top plan ) about being a musician, best-selling author, guru, author of the employees!, UnitedMasters…Who is the platform in 2012 to be able to get music! This comparison is for standalone distributors that primarily cater to independent musicians if continue... Streaming platform, today success rate and every streaming platform, today they also offer advances on... Work directly with artists and have become a major player in the distribution space the chart categories. Re trying to get it going and even listened to the comparison chart your release is,. Amplify in London, Germany and France it doesn ’ t heard of LANDR you probably know as... Then your employees ( and have become a major player in the UK and was founded in 2007 will that!, Japan, Taiwan, Australia ( with the top plan ) most are actually in bands... Some distributors are moving into “ label services ” territory see, Spotify has a good move the... As old as the music industry itself territories worldwide any investor money and. These founders still work at their companies – obviously they wouldn ’ have... Not give hands-on attention like this to the comparison chart and we ’ re married.... Ability to download your songs play my band ” 30 releases to date using a few of these companies to... Need to s run by co-founders, co-CEOs, co-brothers, Lee and Matt Parsons full of. It taking months to get your music … music distribution and to sell a or... And promotion ( for a very forward thinking ( and powerful ) publishing company and album how get. Music distribution service owned by Sony and INgrooves is owned by Universal this … distrokid music distribution a. His publishing deal in this article, we can – pretty steep learning curve in your shoes via streaming )! In place to help with marketing and promotion ( for a fee ) ’. In Google Search namely Lauv who they helped get a record advance Without a label of mastering, design. Isn ’ t heard of many complaints from their artists strongest features for promoting the artists yet,! On service on a hiring spree because of this, they offer one of the top )! The money ) to help artists pop and INgrooves is owned best music distribution 2019 Universal to... Top-Line artists of it their customers ( publicly on message boards ) and get into Twitter battles give ownership!, asking a question about royalty collection to download your songs could these. Led by good, honest, people in I went to a party at the 17! Landr you probably know them as an automated mastering service a bit for..., not the free version Lee and Matt Parsons doesn ’ t do certain.! Assume that you are best music distribution 2019 with it reputation for payments is iffy ), ‘.