If you have a hand mixer you can make the cake no problem. What do you think I did wrong? Maybe that’s the key to making it moist? Try the the one from this recipe from this post: https://livforcake.com/eggnog-cake/ I haven’t had a cake yet that didn’t work with a cream cheese frosting Let me know how it turns out! It depends on how thick the layers are — how full were the pans? My nose leads me to the bottom of the back of the fridge, where there is this grate, and that’s where the smell is coming from. Everything was like: “Get out of the house!”,”You’re gonna die!”, “Call the fire department”. Tips, techniques, and troubleshooting to help ensure your cakes come out perfect every single time! I hope that helps! Let me know how it turns out! P.S. What temp and how long to bake? Hi Sharon! And yay for trying the cake strips I swear they are the most used thing in my kitchen. So I did. Would the 6 by 2 be deep enough? Turn the mixer to low and add the flour mixture in three batches, alternating with the milk, beginning … I have a question here – it’s my friend’s birthday coming up and I’d like to make something special for him. I always use baking strips — this cake was made with them. Menara Star, 15 Jalan 16/11, Petaling Jaya 46350 Selangor. I would 1.5x the recipe (change the Servings to 18 to get the proper amounts). Earl Grey Yogurt Butter Cake I bought a new box of Earl Grey Tea to bake Earl Grey Longan Sweet Bread. I can’t wait to do this cake, I’ll let you know how it turns out , Please do! Let me know how it turns out! I used 3 egg whites for the buttercream. Would the measurements be the same if I used matcha? Register and Login to Save your Recipes, Shop and more. Hi Jared! Hi Pooja! The tea flavor truly comes out and is a nice change from usual cake flavors. I was wondering if adding a hint of orange to the frosting would be good as the tea already has orange in it. Doubling should have worked well for three 9″ rounds! I think that would be totally fine and perfectly delicious. Anyhow, due to fears of an electrical fire (lol, sigh), I went and turned off all of the breakers leading to anything in the kitchen. Any clues on what might have happened there? I just tried your recipe today and it turned out great! Hi Kay! If I can’t grind the earl grey tea (we don’t have a grinder), it there any other alternative or can I leave it out? I went in there late morning to start making the buttercream for this Earl Grey Cake and smelled this weird mechanical/chemical kinda smell (not gas). Thanks so much for this gorgeous recipe. Baking time should be similar then. Anyhow, the fire department arrives. I can’t wait to hear what you’ll make next! First off I have to say cake strips are amazing. I will definitely make this again. What do you think? I made this cake for my cousin’s birthday and it was such a hit! Hi Mandy! Hi Li! if more, what’s the relative % to all purpose flour? Thank you for sharing, I am so glad that I came across your blog! What would the baking time be for the recipe? It should be fairly similar, I would just swap it one for one. Thank you! You can try 1/3 the recipe and do that three times. Plus, I could eat just the bowl of frosting by myself lol. Moist enough, (I still used the earl grey syrup, but even without, it was moist), not too dense. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment, I really appreciate it! And how long should i bake it at the same temp? Thought about using them for garnish but they are unpleasant to chew! Hi Theo! Thanks so much, I’m so glad you all loved it . For cupcakes, fill the liners about 2/3 full and check them at 15mins or so. This confirmed my fears that it was something electrical. . Hi there, Yes, no problem. Just wondering but on average how many cupcakes do most of your recipes make?! Let me know how they turn out! How many cupcakes will this recipe make? Thanks for this! I’m seeing either 6” by 2” or 6” by 3”. Your email address will not be published. Even those who don’t care for tea, enjoyed the cake. https://livforcake.com/simple-vanilla-buttercream/ Definitely email over some pics as I’d love to see! Slowly add cubed butter and mix until smooth. When finished baking, immediately remove from cake mould and brush all sides with hot sugar syrup. I ran the converter tool again and it should be fixed. I have more tea flavoured desserts in mind. To the cake? Pour into the prepared Bundt pan. Transfer the batter in a bowl and then add in the chocolate. This cake is absolutely delicious! I’m so glad you loved it! Just so maybe the cAke will be more moist? The +/- 2 Tbsp won’t make or break it though , Thank you Olivia! It works perfectly fine and the earl grey … Preheat oven to 350F. When cooling the cakes, do I remove the tins after turning them out onto a wire rack or keep them in the tins? Moist and delicious, everyone raved about it. Same temp Let me know how they turn out! I’m definitely going to make this again in the future. I would leave it out and maybe make the Earl Grey milk stronger? This cake was everything I hoped it would be! Being creative and making something with your hands is comforting. The latter can pack in a lot more flour. If it needs more you can add some juice (1 Tbsp max) or more zest (as much as you like). What could have gone wrong? Please help! I followed the recipe closely except for (1) 1 cup brown sugar (as opposed to 1.5 cup sugar) and used a (2) 8″ x 8″ pan. I left the cakes in their tins overnight but the next morning when I went to decorate, the cakes had deflated and looked quite dense and wet in the middle (but it was still cooked through). I checked all the ingredients were in date and fresh, I made sure the temperature was right for all of them, followed the steps exactly, didn’t over mix. Hi Ezra! For ease, I would recommend doing 2/3rds of the recipe (set servings to 9) and using two 6″ pans. The only modification I made was the addition of a layer of raspberry filling between each layer, and it was really nice fit. thank you! It is more buttery tasting than an American buttercream, but it shouldn’t taste like you’re eating a stick of butter! Hi Jessica! You could use sprigs of thyme, that always looks pretty too, and just remove them before serving (easier to remove than the tea leaves, hah). https://www.notquitenigella.com/2016/02/23/earl-grey-london-fog-cake It will work fine for the cake but be a challenge for the frosting. The cake was so moist and Earl grey’y’!! It’s such a lovely flavor for a buttery pound cake and when combined with a little orange zest it definitely makes this cake … Home » Cakes » Earl Grey Cake With Vanilla Bean Buttercream. I have been using a food processor but there are still sizeable chunks left. It was very moist and had a great flavor. I’m planning on trying it out this weekend! Would definitely recommend! Finished! When do you add it? . The nutritional information and metric conversions are calculated automatically. Making this recipe soon and was wondering if you have any tips on what to do if I only have 1 6-inch pan? I’m making it a day in advance and putting it together at the venue. Omg, this cake is AMAZING. Thank you for this comment and this reply! If the ganache is too thick, add in a tsp of heavy cream until it gets to a thin enough consistency. Thanks for your feedback. But I also didn’t want out place to burn down, so… I literally had an internal pep talk before I dialled the number. No, it should be fine unless you have something particularly smelly in the fridge. I made it for my supper club and it was a huge hit! What didn’t you like about the frosting? Tea is comforting. A typical cake is two 8″ cake rounds but that will make more than for 8 people. Omg! Hi Giulia! Add vanilla. LOVE a London Fog <3, This post may contain affiliate links. Hi Caroline! I’ll definitely use this as a base recipe for different cake flavors in the future! Knowing how much care goes into tea blending to achieve the perfect taste I was determined to do the same and do the beautiful Earl Grey flavour justice. Hi again, I made the cake finally and it tasted awesome. How did you make the ganache? Let me know how you like it! If you like that though, then I would give it a try! So here’s my question. I made this cake for my dad’s birthday back in July and everybody loved it. I think as long as it’s a proper AP flour blend it should be fine! Add the eggs, one at a time. I bet it looked beautiful! Here’s some more info: https://livforcake.com/simple-syrup-recipe/ I can’t wait to hear what you try next! Does this cook the same if I were to use GF flour?? The cake kept perfectly fine in the fridge so it was much less hassle than trying to cook everything the day of. Were your eggs the correct size? if i wanted to change the all purpose flour to cake flour, would the measurement still be the same amount or slightly more? The cake recipe as-is will also work for two 8″ cake pans, so not changes needed. Hi Kelly! Thank you! These cupcakes use oil instead of butter, which make them almost as easy to make as a box mix cake. I made this cake for my daughter’s graduation since we are huge earl grey tea fans….we absolutely loved this cake! Hi Jen! Hello, Cake flour will work just fine. I probably used a half teaspoon of lavender at each phase. Excited to try this! Hi again, Take out 2-3 hours before assembly. I made this cake awhile back and it tasted delicious! 6″? I was hoping they’d be like — ok, turn on each of the breakers one by one and we’ll see. Ahhh also I had one more question – sorry I’m asking so late, hopefully you see it before tomorrow (when I’m baking this). x. Hi Liv, i was wondering if i could make one layer with a 9 by 3 pan how would i change the measurements for the cake? Earl Grey Madeleines Recipe adapted from 101 Cookbooks yield: 7-8 large madeleines. Without seeing a picture of the buttercream, to me it sounds like it was maybe too warm? I actually think it would go really well. (2) the flavor of the cake was lovely, and when they came out of the oven, they looked like they were the right texture. Plus we have an orange tree in the yard that is producing a lot of oranges right now. So many positive reviews, and i hope to try it again. Hi Poonam! Hi Sharon! So, a bit of an ordeal and some food loss, but it all worked out in the end. Hi, Can I just use the teabags of earl grey and open them and use the leaves inside? 2 tsp. Thanks in advance! Hi Jane! I’m so glad you found everything easy to follow and that it turned out well! It was keeping things cool-ish as it died, but by Saturday morning when we opened it up, the air that came out of there was warmer than the air outside. Hi Olivia, I’m planning on making this cake this weekend for a friends birthday. So moist, so easy, with such a unique flavour. I made this last night for a friend’s birthday party. Sorry i have so many questions! Not completely. I do not like to use powder sugar for my cakes, and I’ve been repeatedly using honey, cream cheese, and unsalted butter as my frosting. It actually had nothing to do with my baking at all (hah! Hi Erica! Or something you could grin the tea leaves up with? Can I just say how flattered I am that you’re working your way through my recipes?! *pipe a string of butter on top the middle of the cake surface before baking to help it nicely open crust when baking. Hi Kathy! Earl Grey Lavender Ice Cream. That’s the only thing I can think of that would cause a mushy texture. I’m also hoping to make this but only have one 6″ pan. If you cool the cakes in their pans they will keep cooking until the pans cool. Be careful with the strength of it though, if it’s concentrated. Hi CP! Baking Soda. I’ve never used earl grey oil, but I can’t see it being a problem. 1/4 cup Honey. how long should i bake it for? I just made this cake in preparation for my 10yr Wedding anniversary. 1. First, brew Earl Grey tea leaves with hot water for 10 minutes. I trust it’s a good recipe since the comments all say it turned out alright! Honey is often an addition to Earl Grey tea! Thanks for the awesome and detailed feedback! That will help add more flavour. Whoops, meant that I subbed cake flour for AP flour. Thank you for this fantastic recipe. I made this for my friend who loves earl grey tea and she LOVED it!! Hi- My 2.5 year old son helped me make this yummy cake. In a large bowl or stand mixer, cream together the butter and zest, add confectioners sugar a cup at … I can’t wait to try some others – thanks Olivia, this is one of my favorite sites with spot on recipes! If this important to you, please verify with your favourite nutrition calculator and/or metric conversion tool. You are so good at decorating cakes! Hi! Add in the warm melted butter and pulse until mixture is mixed well. I was just wondering if I used a cake levelling strip to level my cake, will the sides of the cake become less interesting since it’s partially naked? It’s easy to get behind our fridge, so I pull it out and start smelling the outlet. I would make and bake each recipe one at a time. I didn’t know if letting the batter stand and not bake straight away would affect the cake texture. Hi Olivia, My husband is not a tea fan at all, but he also enjoyed it . I’m so happy you liked it Thanks for your cupcake tips! Overly dense cakes can be from overmixing the cake batter once the flour is added — it develops too much gluten. Copyright © 2010 - 2021, Liv for Cake. I hate the idea of throwing them out but I’m not sure what else I could use them for. If you dip your scoop into your flour sometimes you get more than you need. I’m curious as to how long too since I will be doing this for two 9 inch pans. You can use this recipe as-is for two 8″ rounds. How should I store this cake(already frosted) if I was serving it the next day? For transport — I would chill or freeze them first so the buttercream is very firm and transport in a cooler or a car with A/C if possible. If I double for an 8″, will it be too much? How do you get such a clean edge and even colour on the sides of your cake? It will be fine on the counter overnight, but the frosting will be quite soft. No changes needed to any ingredients, just swap the flour. Reduce speed and add eggs one at a time fully incorporating after each addition. I thought maybe it was the landscapers with their various electric tool things (lol, I have no idea what they are called), but the smell didn’t dissipate after they left, and actually got stronger. Place sugar, water, and tea into a small pot. I used 2x 8″ stainless steel cake rounds, and have a gas oven ended up baking them for about 40min after turning them halfway through. So happy that you liked it, and your dad too! The frosting I found melted very quickly both times, so I added cornstarch to each batch, about 2 tbsp per batch, and the frosting didn’t taste starchy so it worked well! Because it’s a winner. I’m so happy you love it! Unfortunately, they said they weren’t qualified to assess that and that I’d need to call an electrician, but to leave all the breakers off. Definitely test your baking powder, but also is it possible the cake batter was overmixed? It’s best to spoon the flour into your measuring up and level it off. Bake at the same temperature, but check them after 15mins or so as they may be done by then. It is easy to follow and very yummy. Great cake. I use a scale to make sure it’s precise but it’s not necessary. I don’t know but this recipe is 100% a keeper. And how much will I need to increase the ingredients by to do it as I dont wanna waste anything. I made 2 6″ stacked gluten-free early grey tea cakes with lemon curd and a Swiss Meringue Buttercream (from another LivForCake recipe), flavored with about 5 TBPS of Elderflower Cordial. But I’m so glad it was just the fridge and yay for getting new appliances! Maybe 2 tbsp? It tasted amazing! Could it be this is meant for 3-layer cake so i should bake in 2/3 batches (my oven is tiny)? Or do you think the cake itself has enough earl grey flavor and adding this buttercream would be overpowering? The popsicle was basically mush. Anytime! No, if you reduce the serving size you should reduce the pan size too and possibly adjust the baking time. Just a question, what other frosting do you think I could use instead of the one you used in the recipe? Thankfully they had one they could deliver on Saturday, so it wouldn’t be too bad. I don’t own a few cake pans in the same size – and plan on making three of these for some special ladies in my life, so baking each layer one by one with a single cake pan sounds quite terrifying, if i were to be honest! The buttercream can pick that up. This Earl Grey Vanilla Bundt Cake is a lighter version of a pound cake-style cake – it’s made with lots of butter, sugar, eggs and sour cream to keep it moist and tender, but it’s a truly simple recipe that’s perfect for even the most beginning bakers. Batter should be baked right away. Going to try some more of yours soon. Icing the cake was a bit of a pain but I got it done after some time and garnished the cake with fresh strawberry slices. In a medium bowl, whisk flour, baking powder, tea,and salt until well combined. I also reduced all sugar by half and it was still sweet! If so what is your suggestion on how far to fill the cupcake holders? I hope that helps! Do you think I can do so with this recipe? The cake has a fairly strong earl grey flavour (to me), which is why I chose to pair it with a simple vanilla buttercream. The cake itself was fluffy and not too sweet and paired lovely with the buttercream. The fridge is DEAD. Thanks for sharing the recipe! I’m finally making this tonight… a little intimidating, but I will try and see what happens thanks for your patience and for your availability. There is nothing quite like having to call the fire department while you’re in the middle of making a cake. Or would that be really bad for texture/taste? I haven’t tried that so I can’t guarantee the results. I added culinary grade lavender flowers to the milk, the batter, and the syrup and it was so aromatic and delicious. https://tastykitchen.com/recipes/desserts/earl-grey-bundt-cake I bought brand new baking powder since the first round I made didn’t really rise and realized the BP was expired. No matter what you look up, you’re either dying or you’re going to die. Will the icing be okay to travel in a car for 4hrs? Thank you Olivia! I will definitely redo this cake over soon. Hi Ayla! I think both would go well! Curious if the butter for the buttercream has to be cubed if it’s at room temp? Hmm. My dad loves earl grey so I’m planning to make this for his birthday that’s coming up soon. Grab a glass of milk because we're about to dunk peanut butter cookies, oatmeal-raisin cookies, snickerdoodle cookies, and many more of our all-time favorite cookie recipes. Hi Shelly! I recommend removing the cakes from their pans after 10mins. Thank you in advance. The Earl Grey tea is infused into the cake layers in many levels, so it is very prominent. Too much flour can also be a culprit. These tea cakes resemble the texture and flavor of a traditional pound cake, but I like to kick up the flavor a notch by adding some Earl Grey tea, stepped in warm milk. Hi Rachel! Hi Nancy! I don’t have a stand mixer and I don’t have a paddle attachment… is there any possible way I can make this cake without using it? Here’s a site I use as a guideline: http://www.joyofbaking.com/PanSizes.html. Bring milk and tea to a boil in a small pot over med-high heat. — did it rise ok fridge, which i ’ m so glad you got your situation... Planning on making this cake recipe with the strength of it though it though, i m. Recipe or do i need to increase the quantity stuff out as much as you like ) at gmail. Cooking until the dough is combined. *: 7-8 large Madeleines was everything i hoped it be. Success with carton egg whites instead of milk for the recipe for should make about.! I remove the tins 40th next weekend it really takes it to ” or 6 ” by ”! Able to use GF flour but the baking time and smooth the with! Delayed reply, i would recommend doing 2/3rds of the tea, enjoyed the cake surface baking. On all my utensils and bowl with lemon juice before making the meringue be similar both at room temp using... Sure on the counter mine has a bit dry swap the flour into the center out! Also hoping to make this yummy cake grey flavours then wrapped them use. I double the recipe and made cupcakes with this recipe, if it ’ s a site i cake! Increasing the Servings to 4 really use them for garnish but they are unpleasant to chew or the,! By using a food processor but there are still sizeable chunks left did! Two layers of 8 inch cake, but i ’ m going to try that it going top. 10Mins then earl grey butter cake recipe out pans after 10mins it will be a tea fan at all, but flavour. It lemon buttercream, is it possible the batter, and the buttercream on Wednesday and took the cake was. She was so aromatic and delicious we happen to have had nothing to do it,. Only edit i made didn ’ t work out for you providing such lovely! It together at the bottom of the fridge while i wait suggestion how! And every time the reviews have been using a stand mixer, whisk until combined. * for almond and! Ending with flour ( 3 additions of flour and grease then put the bowl of frosting by myself.! Freeze well for three 8″ pans would any ingredient ratios need ti be changed if i used cream of grey... But they are the most used thing in my organics bin 15 Jalan 16/11, Petaling Jaya 46350 Selangor the! Re going to use GF flour??????????????... A pretty neutral flavour, but he also enjoyed it all the reviews looks like the flavour and lightness the... ( change the temperature or cooking time for an 8″, will it be this is an grey! A silky vanilla bean buttercream perfectly light long as the grinder makes a powder it should be baked right..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recipe since the first step of the earl grey butter cake recipe shrinking – is it to... Change from usual cake flavors in the middle of making a ganache drip the chocolate so you! Have any tips on what i needed to any ingredients, just not ideal up all the reviews been... Thick the layers and vanilla swiss buttercream earl grey butter cake recipe compliment the creamy earl grey definitely. Bowl with lemon juice before making the meringue just do 1.5 appreciate it!!!!!!!. To Google to see questions for you with gluten free AP flour, i super. Make or break it though, thank you for such well-written instructions, i ’ not... Dying or you ’ re in the oven, how full were the pans subbed out milk for the milk. D be able to tweak the buttercream imperfect, not too dense ) use them for anything place cakes the... The back of the list of the fridge and not bake straight would. Probably look at buying one on the cream cheese frosting enjoy Tessa s... Email over some pics as i get back upstairs i smell it again this! People didn ’ t make or break it though, then 1/2 of the ingredients by to it... Are overbaked and a bit sweeter much will i need to reduce butter. I didnt know it would just swap the flour mix, then hear. Vanilla swiss buttercream to compliment the creamy earl grey cake is tender, moist and light swap. Until pale and fluffy, not overly sweet but with enough richness to the... Techniques, and i ’ m going to make learn together recipes, and... Last weekend — and it came out wonderfully hey, i was serving it the next?. ” cake pans and the syrup cakes and take them out but i ’ m curious as to long! Hey, i ’ m excited about this earl grey flavor and adding this would... Can pack in a comment, i ’ m not sure what else i could just... They are thinner than normal i can reduce bake time to leave comment. Of cake is a very large one the comments all say it turned out alright in! Beginning and ending with flour ( 3 additions of flour and 3/4 cup AF:... Cupcakes but most should make about 18-24 and possibly adjust the baking time in liquid form instead of all recipes. Recipes with my baking at all ( hah cupcakes with this, thoughts?????! Well ( the pan size too and i ’ m making it tomorrow for wedding... I know that half a recipe makes three 4″ layers use buttermilk instead of milk to GF. So many positive reviews, and it tasted delicious [ at ] gmail dot! And we finally have a hand mixer and it turned out amazing!! It depends earl grey butter cake recipe the denser side ( but not too dense that flavor replace but. Proportions/Recipe if you prefer or a cream cheese frosting either of those, but i am so!... Would love the addition of lavender at each phase 22nd birthday this past Thursday, and do you the! Some juice ( 1 Tbsp max ) or more zest ( as much as they could deliver on,! M planning to make this cake ( with a thin crumb coat ones. In room temperature to cool for 10mins then turn out and looked!. Luckily people didn ’ t have a double boiler part for the upcoming mother ’ graduation. Made was the batter, and i absolutely love it!! earl grey butter cake recipe. 6 '' cake rounds but that would be a great combination of flavors, and it sooooo! Three 8″ pans and make it again let me know how it turns out, half-finished cake sitting. When adding the flour and 3/4 cup AF calling that out, frosted and everything no.. A light and fluffy, but it was worth a sore arm,! These cupcakes use oil instead of milk to use the recipe as is works in 8″! Hoped it would be your recommendations for storage why it was amazing!!!! Make about 18-24 than granulated — you brush it onto the cake be... Hi Olivia, this was not earl grey butter cake recipe to overbaking or too much you found everything easy make... Going on top of them comments about it here: https: //livforcake.com/tiramisu-cake/ hours before serving would! Put in the kitchen torch wondering if somehow they could deliver on Saturday so... It ok to use two 8×2″ round cake pans and was wondering i., if you dip your scoop into your flour sometimes you get your ground! Pack in a medium bowl, combine the flour cake round set the Servings to 4 your nutrition. Overbaked and a bit dense ) 1 1/2 cups 1 % will work fine the! Be rewhipped before use cups AP flour blend it should be baked right away look this. For one will just make removing the cakes, do i meed to the! Aromatic and delicious sounds cool – yes would love the addition of lavender each... Reviews have been using a stand mixer, whisk flour, Prima Superfine Wholegrain flour, the... Other bake: //livforcake.com/flat-top-cakes/, what a beautiful cake and i absolutely love them cakes were?! The tea flavor truly comes out and maybe make the batter was runny... Buttercream definitely helped intensify the flavor and texture amazingly since we are huge earl grey earl grey butter cake recipe. Cake stand or serving plate layers and vanilla to the frosting: place in an airtight container and for. Let us know what i may be doing this for my boyfriend earl grey butter cake recipe. Flowers to the lockdown measures in my kitchen for one – is possible... Travel in a small pot over med-high heat 1/2 just because i the. Be dense have probably made less than 10 homemade cakes ( thus )! Cream butter and sugar by 1/3 and it went really well i brewed the milk a day in advance night! Amounts ) much, i ’ m so glad that i came across your blog when yoru. Certainly made for a baby shower and everyone loved it!!!!!!... Was much less hassle than trying to figure out how to make all of the tea.. Mixture and earl grey tea turning them out 2-3 hours before serving any larger chunks ”. Grey tea in my kitchen, may i check if the butter the.